"Sintra is not old stones or gothic things...
Sintra is this, a little water, a bit of moss... This is paradise! ..."
― Eça de Queirós, Os Maias, 1888;

The project

The idea of sharing the "ins & outs" of Sintra with people from all around the world came from a friend - October 2015, a dear friend working onboard cruise ships, was in Lisbon with the ship and had a couple of hours off... she asked me if I could drive her around for one afternoon and show her what I was always saying about Sintra... and I did!

I took her all over the place and the "ah's" and the "oh's" were so nice to hear and the "this place is so green and mysterious"... it was the best feeling ever - to be able to awe someone about the place I live in, it’s such a fulfilling feeling!!

Donna D (USA) - 2016

A wonderful day with an incredible guide! Thank you Sofia!
The walks were amazing but even more the history that you showed us.
The lunch was delicious - especially the mussels! A very memorable day,
in a beautiful country with a delightful guide

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